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Drink at least one cup of water when you first wake up.

Drinking at least one cup of water first thing in the morning will help rehydrate your brain, as it is made up of 76% water.

When you sleep, you are not taking in any fluids for 6-8 hours. So your body is just becoming more dehydrated by the hour. You need to replenish your system for it to be able to work properly.

It also helps clean out toxins from your body, keeps you fuller for longer and aids in digestion. Since I started drinking a large amount of water in the morning, I have had more energy and have gotten off to a more healthy start to the day.

Meditate at least 5 min in the morning

Getting your day started off by doing something to calm your mind is never a bad way to start. By gathering your thoughts before you set out, you can prioritize what’s most important in your day and attack all life throws at you with a clear mind.

It has also been show to make you mind more integrated, which leads to more creativity, which leads to more success. If you could take 5-10 mins early in the day to be more successful, you would do it, wouldn’t you?

Eat a filling breakfast

About an hour after you have ingested all of the water, i typically do this before I shower and get ready, you should have a nice solid breakfast to provide you with the energy to tackle the day.

I have outlined some quick and easy breakfast idea’s I have found below:

Healthy Breakfast
Real Simple
Pick Eggs!

Get some exercise

Take a walk, get a run in, lift some weights or get on a bike. Just get the blood flowing. It without question is one of the best things you can do for overall quality of life, keep you living longer and happier.

Here are seven great reasons on how exercising helps you in your daily life.

Plan out what you want to accomplish for the day.

Having a plan the night before will supercharge what you get done the next day. It provides structure to what you want to accomplish and keeps you focused on the task at hand. If you just run into the day with no plan, you will find yourself just being “busy”.

There are many different ways you can plan your day, but my preference is to block time in my calendar for tasks. That being said, I know a lot of people that like to bullet journal. I have included some bullet journal resources here:

The Original
Tiny Ray of Sunshine
Modern Mrs.Darcy

September 7, 2017

How to Accomplish Anything

“Take the first step toward success. Someone once asked me what the value was of being an initiator, a self-starter. I told him starting is the great separator. It separates the doers from the do-nots, the haves from the have-nots, the winners from the whiners.”
-John Maxwell

In today’s society we have so many options and so many possibilities that we often, almost daily, get stuck in analysis paralysis. In John Maxwell article, Getting started he covers some key areas he believes are foundational to moving any area of your life ahead.

Your ability to get started is the largest determining factor of success. not only at work but at home and in your social life as well.

When we look ahead at the amount of work it will take to fulfill our dreams it can be off putting to say the least, most people react with complacency or even substance abuse or simply sticking their head in the sand. John Maxwell recommends facing your life head on by “thinking big, starting small.” This excerpt keeps it simple but powerful.

Know yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know what you do well and what you don’t do well.

Settle your family life. Recognize what the issues are in your family and how to deal with them. Marriage is something that needs constant work and nurturing.

Determine your priorities. Know what’s important and what you want to give your time to. The following is a statement by Robert Bulwer-Lytton that I have carried in my briefcase for many years. It says:

“The man who seeks one thing in life and but one may hope to achieve it before life is done; But he who seeks all things, wherever he goes only reaps from the hopes which around him he sows A harvest of barren regrets.”

I hope you make a commitment to seek and spend time doing the things that give you the most joy.

Develop your life philosophy. What is your overall vision and attitude about your life? Know what you believe in, what you would die for and which things are optional.

Get physically fit. Early in life people give up their health to gain wealth. Later in life people give up their wealth to regain their health.

Learn your trade. I have discovered there are basically three steps in life: learn, earn and return. Through your life you will have many opportunities to learn and earn. But be sure to give back more than you receive.

Pay the price. There is no success without sacrifice. If we succeed without sacrifice, it is because someone who went before us paid the price. If you sacrifice and don’t see success, then someone who follows will reap success.

Develop solid relationships. Life’s greatest experiences involve people.

Prepare for the future. Next to my relationship with God and family, options are my most precious commodities. Live your life in such a way that you have options later in life.

Find purpose in your life. Success is knowing my purpose in life, growing to my maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others.”
-John maxwell

Taking care of these areas puts you in a place to win. John also points out one of his favorite quotes

Abraham Lincoln said, “I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.”

Much like our lives are set up by our parents and much of our initial success is due to how they shaped and formed our lives for better or for worse. It really is thanks to them that we can even begin to start competing with our peers or chase our dreams. Some have even been put in such a strong position that they are able to turn around and help others. but that all took preparation and years of hard work that all started with one small step.

For those of us that feel lost or overwhelmed or even unprepared we leave you with a great line from  Carl Bard “Though no one can go back and make a brand-new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand-new ending.”

What will you start today?